Final Books

Spring 2018

The final project was left open to the students. They were encouraged to explore different types of bindings, make bold sequencing and layout decisions, and to challenge and push themselves creatively.

Photo credit: Mikayla Mallett

Pulling Lines, by Bethany Aleckna

Echo of Light, by Molly Anderson

ForgottenRules, by Samantha Elsaesser

Realm of Existence, by Katie Ettinger-Curnan

Untitled, by Kae Lombardo

dear________, by Madison Madore

Small Town, by Mikayla Mallett

Small Things, by Loren Marple

The Point, by Laura Olivier

Dream Backwards, by Holly Pim

On the Flip Side, by Jacqueline Rahl

Downtown, by Lauren Richardson

Come N’ Go, by Julianna Sagliano

Family, by Jenn Swaine