A Day in the Life

Fall 2022

For their first book, students were asked to record a day in their life with photos. They were encouraged to use a camera they could carry anywhere and that would allow them to be spontaneous, such as a smartphone camera. Prof. Cardinali advised students to photograph objects and scenes that looked interesting to them throughout the day, but that it was not necessary to make a linear documentation of their activities. This “day” might in actuality span two or three days, but the photographs should feel representative of one day.

Photo credit: Austin Denis

A Day in a Life, by Anh Bong

Strawberry Lemon Orange Blossom, by Chloe Bushaw

Duality, by Austin Denis

Ari E, by Ari Esteavo

Secondhand, by Caroline Hanna

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, by Annabelle Havens

Here’s an Idea, by Molly Maynard

Frisson, by Dana Morrison

Maine Entomological Society Outing, by Kate Wilcox