A Single Thing

Spring 2018

For their second book, students were asked to photograph a single person, place, or thing. They were challenged to consider the many ways a particular subject can be captured photographically and to pair the resulting images with words.

Photo credit: Samantha Elsaesser

Hardware, by Bethany Aleckna

Behind Closed Doors, by Molly Anderson

Mary’s, by Samantha Elsaesser

Is Your Shadow a Monster, by Katie Ettinger-Curnan

Any Way You Dice It, by Kae Lombardo

dear________, by Madison Madore

The Book of Plants, by Mikayla Mallett

Light Glances, by Loren Marple

Delicate, by Laura Olivier

Untitled, by Holly Pim

Today’s Weather, by Jacqueline Rahl

Home, by Lauren Richardson

Inevitably, by Julianna Sagliano

Flow, by Jenn Swaine