A Day in the Life

Photograph by Peter Murray

Fall 2019

For their first book, students were asked to record a day in their life with photos. They were encouraged to use a camera they could carry anywhere and that would allow them to be spontaneous, such as a smartphone camera. Prof. Cardinali advised students to photograph objects and scenes that looked interesting to them throughout the day, but that it was not necessary to make a linear documentation of their activities. This “day” might in actuality span two or three days, but the photographs should feel representative of one day.

Photo credit: Peter Murray

Carpe Diem, by Amanda Alzamora-Proszowska

Green Girl, by Haley Barnhard

Along the Wildcat Trail, by Hannah Cheney

Intermission, by Ethan Davis

At a Moment’s Notice, by Victoria Dean

The Not So Perfect Day, by Maddisen Frissora

Good Girl Gang, by Sophia Litle

Breadth and Chaos, by Morgan McCabe

Untitled, by Marianna Miller

A Day of Luminance, by Peter Murray

Poppy, by Allyson Poulin

A Day in Reverse, by Lansing Ward

A Day on Memory Lane, by Matt Williams