Final Books

Morgan McCabe

Fall 2019

The final project was left open to the students. They were encouraged to explore different types of bindings, make bold sequencing and layout decisions, and to challenge and push themselves creatively.

Photo credit: Morgan McCabe

Chessboard for 2, by Anh Bong

Memoriam, by Hannah Cheney

Cold/Dark, by Ethan Davis

Camp, by Victoria Dean

Untitled, by Maddisen Frissora

Orphic, by Sophia Litle

Up Close and Personal, by Morgan McCabe

Untitled, by Morgan McCabe

Umbra, by Marianna Miller

Ceasefire / Wasteland / Eternal Night, by Peter Murray

Two Moments in Time, by Allyson Poulin

Untitled, by Allyson Poulin

Untitled, by Lansing Ward

Never Stop Exploring, by Matt Williams